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Hayle Harbour

Located on Cornwall's north coast near the pictureseque towns of Penzance and St Ives, the Hayle Harbour scheme is intending to transform Hayle Harbour from a former industrial centre with a rich maritime history into a thriving new coastal destination.

Incorporating retail, office, leisure and some industrial space alongside a large number of new residential units, the Hayle Harbour scheme involves redeveloping the waterfront, railway station and former industrial sights as well as developing cultural agricultural land, taking advantage of the beautiful natural setting of the harbour, estuary and Atlantic coastline. 

Combining South Quay, a lively waterfront development with boat docks, residences and retail, with the more residential areas of North Quay, Clifftop, Hilltop and Riviere Fields, Hayle Harbour will overtime emerge as a thriving cohesive coastal community in which environmental and space-use issues get top billing.  Hayle Harbour will also act as a gateway to Cornwall's Atlantic beaches whilst providing high-quality employment opportunities and services to people who live there. 

The Hayle Harbour development represents a major transformation of a former industrial area and neighbouring farmland into a thriving community, integrated into the social and economic fabric of the surrounding region that welcomes new residents while opening up new opportunities to the existing population.